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May 11 2019

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July 10 2018

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It just.. called my name, you know?
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Got myself a decent new phone, with a great front cam to boot :) (Xiami Redmi 5 Plus for those interested)
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June 09 2018

January 29 2018

January 14 2018

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December 27 2017

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magic cat

blessed post

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December 24 2017

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Yeah! #backkatze

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Pimp’d my Chucks 😎 #diy #mightbeart

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October 28 2017

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(Plaster cast of my butt and acrylic color)

My boyfriend had so much fun doing this. I highly recommend mutual ass-casting as a bonding pastime for couples! :D

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“Na, warst du wieder kreativ?” - “Wie kommst du jetzt darauf?”

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September 04 2017

September 02 2017

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August 26 2017

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August 22 2017

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